Camp Nou

By Rilyn Gancia

Camp Nou is home of Europe’s premier futbol clubs, FC Barcelona. Construction began in 1954 with hopes of fitting more than 60,000 fans into the newest Stadium.

Within the first years of Camp Nou being open, it hosted its first European Cup in 1974. In 1980 Camp Nou began construction and increased its seating capacity in high hopes to be one of the stadiums/facilities to be apart of the famous FIFA World Cup. Camp Nou also hosted many soccer games in the 1992 Olympics. The finals held nearly 100,000 fans supporting Team Spain against Poland.

The entrance to the fan experience was more than just an epic walk down to the gift shop. Visitors are surrounded with pictures, trophy replicas and much more.

The first stop was the view from the stands, which without a doubt, is the best view there is. There is a clear view of FC Barcelona and Camp Nou’s motto “Més que un club,” which translates to more than a club.

The tour guide said he was not always a tour guide. Roger worked in the Media/Marketing department for years but decided to switch back to doing tours because he liked to see the instant expressions of fans rather than waiting.

The stadium has no laws similar to the ADA (American Disability Act) Patrons.In the United States, regulation standards for any public housing/hosting the public legally has to have an equal amount of ADA accessible seats to the amount of general seats in the United States.

Something very powerful that displays Spanish culture is the fact that alongside the home team locker room is a chapel where players can pray before or after a game. The visitors locker room was also a sight to see as amenities included a jacuzzi/hot tub.

The FC Barcelona store and museum are the most visited and gross the highest revenue in Europe. The store has three floors and is filled with maroon and royal blue. It was filled with jerseys that posted different sports slogans or other versions of FC Barcelona, such as Barca. Some of my classmates bought hoodies and T-Shirts for themselves, jerseys for their little brothers, family members or boyfriends, or shot glasses for friends or roommates.

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